Tarek Oraby


Tarek, as anyone else, is not a perfect person. However, he has learned and acquired a lot of valued things and concepts throughout both settled and unsteady phases of his previous decades (and still learning!).

Non-Stop Willingness to Learn:
The intelligent person is who learns from his own trials, and the genius is who shortens the way and learns from others' experience, while the stupid one is who has no willingness to learn anything.

All Religions came to spread Moral Principles among mankind:
Killing people, "out of an announced war to retrieve a taken-right or land", is against any religion.
In Islam, Muhammad (PBUH) had always instructed his soldiers, as for the ethical rules of wars and battles, to decently treat women, children, the elderly and unarmed men. This ethical trend was practically proven by Muhammad when he (PBUH) set the non-believers free on conquering Mecca despite his victory. This noble gesture was the reason why many of them embraced Islam and it is this nobility and forgiveness that forms the essence of Islam. Such a fact should be clearly conveyed to the whole world.

Touching and Enriching People's Life is a Must:
Business that doesn't touch and enrich people's life is unvalued.   قال تعالى : "فأما الزبدُ فيذهبُ جُفاءً وأما ما ينفعُ الناسَ فيمكثُ في الأرض" صدق الله العظيم

The Struggle Way to Success is much more Pleasant than Success itself :
Enjoy every moment you struggle to overcome any hardness facing your way. It will always represent the fadeless joyful memories of your life.   




Basic Information:



• Tarek Moustafa Mohamed Oraby         • Egyptian          • +20 1000 444 666          • ceo@zisholding.com          • to@tarek.tv






• Senior Copywriter
• Poet & Lyrics Writer
• Creative Media Director
• Media Consultant
• Marketing Communications Consultant
• Talent-Finder & Acting Coach
• Modelling & Casting Director
• V.O. Talent (Arabic & English)
• Executive Producer
• Projects & Business Development Consultant



Fields of Professionalism



• Advertising, Marketing & Mass Communications
• Creative Media & TV Production (TV Commercials, Documentaries & Entertaining Programs)
Corporate Identity Making
• Satellite Channels Content Development
• Public Relations
• Press Releases
• Exhibitions, Conferences & Special Events
• Crisis Management (creating and selecting the best media contents & means)
• Projects & Business Development
• E-commerce & E-marketing



Skills & Capabilities



• A hard-working Media Business Expert with a proven history of uncountable successes
• An Endless Creativity with incomparable mind-space of imagination
Excellent writing skills, expressing any message clearly and persuasively
• A good command of grammar, spelling and punctuation (Arabic & English)
• Described as the best slogan-creator & Corporate Identity Maker in the Middle East
• Described as one of the smartest negotiators in the Middle East
• Described as one of the best Talent-Finders & Acting-Coaches in the Middle East
• Huge cultural backgrounds with rich-diverse knowledge
• Excellent communication, leadership and team-working skills
• Accuracy and attention to the finest details
• The ability to work under pressure and to strict deadlines
• Resilience with the ability to cope with criticism
• Excellent Commercial Sense & Awareness of people’s trends, likes & dislikes
• Excellent Computer & Internet Skills
• Excellent Pre-Sales Skills



Work Experience



• TN COMMUNICATIONS "Americana Advertising Agency", TAREK NOUR. EGYPT (1992 – 1993), as a Creative Copywriter
• VidiAD. Egypt. (Dr.Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Hegazy, 1994 – 1996) Creative Director
Transworld Publicity, Cairo Branch. Egypt. (1996 – 1997), as a Writer, Director & Producer
• COLOURS Advertising Agency. Egypt. (1997- 2001), as a Managing Director & CCO.
• NPG WORLDWIDE LLC, USA - EGYPT (2001 – 2005), as a Managing Director & CCO.
• AL-KHARAFI GROUP, Kuwait. (June 2005 – April 2008), in 2 positions: - Creative Media Director – Business Development Manager
• ArtPro Media & Satellite Services. KSA (June 2008 – December 2009), as the CEO
• ActRact International Group. Egypt (Jan 2009 – June 2011), as the CEO
• Ministry Of Health & Population. Egypt “MOH” (July 2011 – Dec. 2011), in 2 positions:
   - Development & Media Advisor to H.E. Minister of Health  - Chairman of MOH official satellite channel
• ZiS Holding Group - Egypt (2012 - till date), as Chairman & CEO.

Education & Professional





• Damietta Military Secondary School (1983)
•  Kasr El-Aini Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University (1991) ... (Studied Physics, Physiology, Anatomy, Histology, Biochemistry, Psychology,
    Pharmacology, Pathology, Histopathology, Bacteriology, Paracytology, Public Health, ENT, Paediatrics & General Surgery)
KingStreet College, London, UK. (1995), English Language.
• Advertising & Marketing at AUC. (1994-1996) … as a guest student to Dr. Ibrahim Hegazy (during working for his Marketing Agency)
• Screenwriting & Directing for Cinema & TV at Los Angeles City College "LACC", Los Angeles. USA (2002)
• Atlantic International University “AIU”, USA. - Ongoing Doctorate Degree (final phase) in Business Administration, Major: Marketing,

Additional self-study,


 reading & knowledge



• Politics
• Economy
• History & Civilizations
• Islamic History
• Terrorism & Terrorists' backgrounds
• Sciences & Breakthroughs
• Marketing. & Public Relations
• Business Administration & Development
• Projects Management
• Computer Science & Web Administration
• E-Administration, E-commerce & Online Security.
• Theatre, TV & Cinema (History & Technique)






     An excellent command of grammar, spelling and punctuation in writing with perfection in reading & voice over recordings.
  - POPULAR ARABIC: Creative & up to date with the latest Egyptian street vocabularies.

Professional Copywriter, fluent in Reading & Talking






• Eng. Badr Nasser Al-Kharafi, Chairman of Al-Kharafi Group, Kuwait.
• MR.TAREK NOUR, Chairman of TN Communications. Egypt.
• MR. ABDALLA AL-MUTTAWAA, former Chairman of KPTC, Kuwait.
• Mr. Majid Al-Ojayan, General Manager of NASCO, KSA.
• Dr. Amr Helmy, former Minister Of Health & Population. Egypt.
• Dr. Ashraf Salman, former Minister of Investment, Egypt.
• Dr. Safwat El Nahas, former president of CAOA, Egypt.



TV interviews



• Russia Today TV "RT Arabic" about the suspended services of Visa & MasterCard in Russia
  • Nile International Satellite Channel - in English language- as an advisor to Minister of Health in Egypt
  • Nile News Channel (Official Egyptian TV) about the New Suez Canal Opening
  • LTC Satellite Channel (Nile Sat), about a new literary work in Egypt created by Tarek Oraby & Omyma Elsayed  
  • Sout El Sha'ab - The Voice Of People - (Official Egyptian TV) about the Egyptian Healthcare file